Why Users want to Block Ads on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser which allows its users to quickly surf the web and get the information they require in no time. A plus to using Google Chrome is that is has strong defenses against malware. Unfortunately,  annoying pop-up ads can ruin this amazing experience. After one too many pop-ups, users typically realize that it’s time to install an ad blocker.

Pop-up banners and various other types of advertisements are not only undesirable but often contain malicious programs that aim to harm your device. Even the more innocent ads can ruin your online experience due to the fact that they are intrusive and bothersome. The role of ad blockers  is to restrict this content and others like it. Many programs are present at the market, but only a few guarantee privacy, safety, and 100% ad removal.

How to Download an Ad Blocker in a Few Short Steps

As we mentioned before, there are several ad blockers on the market today. There is only one, however, that has stood out among the rest: StopAd. StopAd is an innovative ad blocker available for download on Google Chrome. It is a user-friendly application that allow users to track malware, apply filters for web pages and block advertising upon request. The software is regularly updated so that the newest types of advertising are also blocked. Another plus for StopAd is their reliable 24/7 customer support.

Installing StopAd is the simplest possibility to get rid of unwanted ad content on your Chrome Browser. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit StopAd, click the free download button and start installation with just one click.

  2. The next step is to launch StopAd.
  3. Leave it on default settings up configure settings to your liking.

That’s it! Once installed and launched, StopAd will block 100% of ad content in Google Chrome.