What’s the best pop up ad blocker?

A pop up advertisement is a new window that appears when visiting most of the websites. You can simply view the page content and a sudden ad comes out. It’s hard to close, so you can even leave the site because of it. There are applications that aim at preventing such windows from appearing in front of you. We’ll give a list of the ad blockers below.

The best free pop up ad blocker

If we mean that something is the best, we don’t mean people have to pay for it. The best ad blocker can be free. Some of them offer extra features for money, so upgrade to get a full pack of services. If users need only the one that will remove pop up ads, they will be fine with a free version.

ТОР 5 best pop up ad blocker apps

It’s a standalone application that people install on any device. It protects them from seeing annoying pop up ads and offers them a list of extra features like malware protection, preventing any attempts to collect personal data and so on. It’s configured to use it right after the first launch or everyone can set it up.
System requirements: Windows / OS X / Android / iOS
Price: Free

This is an app that remove pop up advertisements in browsers only. You can speed up your connection thanks to it. Install it the same way as you do with any other application and start using browsers the usual way.
System requirements: Windows XP or newer
Price: Free

It’s an app for most common browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, Opera and Edge. You install it and start surfing online right away.
System requirements: Windows 7 or newer
Price: Free

This app is compatible with three operating systems including Linux. It works fine with the browsers and it also protects your device from malware software.
System requirements: Windows / Linux / OS X
Price: Free

Poper Blocker
It’s the perfect software for Chrome fans. It’s compatible only with this browser and it copes with the task of removing annoying ad perfectly. It’s lightweight and its installation takes a few seconds.
System requirements: Any operating system
Price: Free

How to pick up the best ad and pop up blocker?

We recommend you testing a few apps and evaluating each of them.

Of course, it will be impossible in most cases as it will require a lot of time from you.

StopAd seems to be the best variant as it’s compatible with several operating systems and it gives you a series of great features for removing ads, malware protection and so on.