What Makes the Best Ad Blocker for Firefox 2018

Ad blockers are fast becoming one the most important programs in 2018. Not only does it block ads, which improves user experience, but it increases download speeds as well. The best ad blocker for Firefox will not only block ads, but improve users overall safety, privacy and experience.

The best ad blockers for 2017 and 2018 all are able to adequately suppress ads on Firefox, but not all ad blockers are of the same caliber. The following benefits of ad blockers are only found in one app (keep reading to find out which one):

  • Must restrict all types of advertisement on any device
  • Provide cookie management and data tracking prevention
  • Track undesirable malware
  • Freedom to create whitelists

Ad Blockers for Firefox

AdBeaver – An application you can use for unrestricted, ad free web surfing. Its role is to limit annoying ads but users have the added bonus of potentially winning money. You receive credits which are redeemable on PayPal if you allow certain content to be shown.

Disconnect – This ad blocker makes blacklists of undesirable ad content and offers password protection security. It offers users additional features above ad blocking such as hacker tracking and bonus security.

BluHell Firewall – This app is extremely easy to use.. Its role is to stop various types of undesirable content quickly. Its installation is simple and can be done without special set up protocol. Downloadable with just one click and effective ad blocking to boot.

Firefox Focus – This ad blocker has a built-in feature—privacy protection. It helps to achieve privacy and helps to display only desired content. On mobile devices, it reduces data plan usage because the ads are not downloaded.

AdBlock – This ad blocker isn’t free, but it is rather effective. It limits unwanted content in Facebook and other social media sites and offers information as to how many ads were blocked, which id displayed on users screen.

StopAd – an innovative and modern ad blocker, StopAd has many desirable features above and beyond simple ad blocker. With simple installation, the freedom to personalize settings or use as is, 24/7 user support along with regular updates, StopAd is truly a game changer. It speeds up Firefox and offers a truly ad free Firefox experience.

AdBlock Plus – This is a popular yet controversial ad blocker. It does not restrict so called “non-intrusive advertisements” therefore the user will still experience some advertisements while browsing. This app does effectively limit pop-ups and other intrusive ads.

Ghostery – Ghostery is an ad blocker with a long history of customer reviews. It limits different types of trackers and malware along with ad content. It is a free app and has an intuitive interface and offers extra protections for more adult sites.

UBlock Origin – This is an extremely lightweight ad blocker and has one the most comprehensive list of malware and unwanted content blockers on the market. While this is true, users have complained that it is not updated regularly enough to function properly.

AdBlocker Ultimate – This blocker has a standard set of ad blocking function, which are effective, but does not allow for customization. It is relatively simple, but not very user friendly if users are looking for freedom within their adblocker.

The Best Ad Blocker for Mozilla Firefox 2018

Firefox 2018 is wonderful browser that allows users to surf the web and enjoy all types of content with ease. The only thing that can get in the way of a peaceful experience is annoying, unwanted, intrusive ads. Upon review of all the aforementioned ad blockers, there were a few contenders for “best” but we simply can’t deny that StopAd is the number one ad blocker for Firefox.

The fact that it offers users so many customizable options for free is just one benefit in a long line of things we love about StopAd—and we think you’ll love them too.