Top ad blocker for Chrome: why do you need it?

We will indicate the main features, options and purposes to help you to decide on the top ad blocker for Google Chrome. Itis necessary to install the top ad blocker to set you free from the Internet advertising that is usually low-grade and annoying.

Choosing the top rated ad blocker for Chrome

Let’s define the basic features of the top rated ad blocker and main requirements to it. The good ad blocking software has to be able to remove different kinds of advertisement efficiently:
– Pop ups and pop unders;
– Flashing and floating banners;
– Auto-starting video and audio ads;
– Overlay and background adverts;
– Advertisement on social websites;
– In-app and browsing advertisement etc.

Some of the good ad blockers allow the users to filter acceptable and unacceptable adverts and sources, creating white- and blacklists.
But the top ad blocker is an app that can give you more options. It is important to check if the program has antivirus features. Anti-phishing and anti-malware tools are extremely useful to ensure strong web protection.

One more problem that can be resolved with the top ad blocker is the user’s privacy protection. If the app is able to identify and deactivate data trackers, ad trackers and social media trackers, it makes sense to install it.

Top 10 ad blockers: the brief overview

Let’s consider and compare the top 10 ad blockers for Google Chrome and choose the best one.

1. StopAd. The StopAd app is free and easy to install and use on any device. You can use it for one of 28 browsers supported including Google Chrome. Its interface is very simple and user-friendly. At the same time the software is comprehensive enough to provide you with ad, web and privacy protection of the highest level. All the types of advertisement can be filtered out and removed: pop ups, overlay adverts, banners, auto-starting video and audio adverts, advertising on YouTube and Facebook and many others. You can be sure your privacy will be protected properly: the app deactivates data, ad and social media trackers. StopAd identifies and blocks phishing and malware. It is all-in-one efficient and useful software.

2. Popup Blocker Pro. This is a free add-on for Chrome. It is pretty simple and easy to use. The extension blocks all the unnecessary pop ups and pop unders. Each time it removes an ad the user sees a notification. You can create whitelists with the websites to avoid blocking content placed on them. The plugin is narrow-focused on blocking the most annoying intrusive advertisement like pop ups, so you can use it if you do not need any more options.

3. AdBlocker Ultimate. One more free extension for Chrome removes all ads no exceptions. It does not allow to create whitelists of websites or adverts. AdBlocker Ultimate is also able to block tracking and malware. If you change web browser you will have to download an appropriate version of this ad blocker.

4. uBlock. This ad blocker removes different kinds of advertisement (popups, banners, video and audio adverts, background advertisement, ads on the social websites etc.). uBlock helps to avoid sneaky tracking. It is free, but accepts donations. The extension is lightweight, fast and memory-efficient. uBlock is available for the most popular web browsers including Google Chrome.

5. AdRemover for Google Chrome. This extension for Chrome removes ads (banners, pre-rolls on YouTube, pop ups, pop unders, banners, overlay or intermediate ads and the like) for free. The add-on blocks tracking and malware. AdRemover also enhances performance in browsing speed. It is a pretty useful thing for Google Chrome users. AdRemover is comprehensive enough despite the fact it is a plugin.

6. Simply Block Ads. This is a free extension for Chrome. The add-on is very simple and user-friendly. It blocks various types of online advertising (pop ups, text ads, in-site adverts, whole-site and background adverts). Simply Block Ads only one option, but the quality of ad blocking is satisfactory.

7. SuperBlockAdBlocker. This extension for Chrome is pretty comprehensive and can be a help for the user. It is able to block all the kinds of adverts on all the websites (banners, pre-rolls, overlay, intermediate ads and so on). The add-on enhances the performance of your device. It is also able to stop malware and adware. SuperBlockAdBlocker removes “Anti-Adblock” detectors and banners.

8. AdBlock Plus. This add-on for Chrome is able to block banners, pop up windows, video advertising on Youtube and all other distracting and annoying ads. AdBlock Plus has an option that allows acceptable ads (non-intrusive advertisement of high quality). The plugin blocksspyware, online trackers, harmful sites and is completely free for users.

9. Adblock Pro. This is an extension for Chrome that has a free trial period. Adblock Pro removes pop ups, all the advertisement on the websites, blocks YouTube video and pre-roll ads. The add-on allows to create whitelists. Adblock Pro is good at malware and tracking identifying and deactivating.

10. AdFender. This is an ad blocking app with a free trial version available (you can use it for free for 14 days). It is pretty comprehensive and provides the user with basic and additional options. All the pop ups, auto-starting video and audio adverts, banners and other types of advertisement will be removed. The software deactivates tracking and malware efficiently. It can be used with the most common browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox) for Windows only.

The top rated free ad blocker: let’s make the right choice!

The top rated free ad blocker will help you to get rid of annoying adverts and secure your device from trackers, phishing and malware.

Without fear or favor, the top rated free ad blocker is StopAd. We recommend using it because of the following reasons:

1. StopAd is an app that can be used on any kind of device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone) and browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and up to 25 others).
2. StopAd blocks all the types of adverts efficiently.
3. It is possible to filter advertisements and websites out.
4. The app is very good at identifying and blocking malware and phishing, so it makes your web browsing safe.
5. StopAd cares about your privacy protection: it deactivates ad trackers,
6. Live support is available.
7. StopAd is completely free!
Feel free to download StopAd and enjoy the time and nerves saving web browsing!