The best pop up blocker for Safari: the efficient all-in-one decision

The best pop up blocker for Safari can be used for advertisement blocking, web and privacy protection. We have investigated what ad blocking apps and extensions for Safari are the most comprehensive. And we are glad to share the useful info.

The best pop up blocker for Safari: top5 list

Let’s choose the best pop up blocker for Safari among the following options. These 5 ad blockers are the most appropriate for Safari. Some of them are universal, others are narrow-focused but light weight.

In other words, each of these 5 options has unique features and important advantages:

1. StopAd.
2. uBlock.
3. Adamant.
4. 1Blocker.
5. Wirp.

The best pop up blocker for Safari: key options of the top 5 ad blockers

1. StopAd. This is a free ad blocking software that is available for all kinds of devices and supports more than 25 web browsers including Safari. StopAd provides you with the full ad protection (no more pop ups, auto-starting audio and video ads, adverts on YouTube and Facebook etc.). Your favorite websites can be whitelisted to avoid being blocked. If you are concerned about your privacy, StopAd will definitely help: it identifies and deactivates ad trackers, data trackers and social media trackers. The app also provides you with strong web protection: it stops phishing and malware. Despite the fact StopAd is a comprehensive software, it has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

2. uBlock. This is an extension for a bunch of web browsers including Safari. It is able to remove different types of adverts (pop ups, pop unders, banners, pre-roll videos and others). uBlock stops sneaky tracking. It is lightweight and memory-efficient. The extension makes your Internet browsing faster. uBlock is a free add-on but it asks the users to donate. There are no regular updates of the plugin that is why some users do not recommend it. But if you are seeking for something simple and lightweight, feel free to try uBlock.

3. Adamant. It is an ad blocking extension available for iOS and OS X (applicable for the Safari web browser). Adamant will be updated automatically to the newer version once the new updates are pushed out to the users. But it requires $1.99 one-time fee. The plugin removes various kinds of ads (pop ups, banners, overlay adverts, advertisement on social websites etc.). It enhances the performance of your device, saves the battery (if you are using a laptop) and time of the page loading. Adamant secures your personal data by blocking trackers.

4. 1Blocker. This extension for Safari will cost you $9.99. Paying for this product you ensure the developers will not sell your personal data or make the deals with advertisers to allow “Acceptable ads”. The add-on blocks all the kinds of advertisement including pop ups efficiently and saves your time, nerves and traffic. 1Blocker for Safari is also able to stop tracking and malware to protect you online.

5. Wipr. This is a free content blocking extension for Safari. It removes all the ads and EU cookies notices without slowing down the web browser. There are no “Acceptable ads” allowed. You install Wipr once and it will be updated automatically in the future. The extension cares about your privacy: it blocks trackers and never gathers or shares your info.

Deciding on better pop up blocker for Safari

After such an informative overview we recommend you to choose StopAd as it is the most universal and comprehensive option. It is the only app offered so you can use it on any device for different browsers (the rest are extensions, that means you have to download each version for each browser separately). StopAd will save you from annoying distracting pop ups, online trackers, phishing and malware for free. Preferred by millions of users, it proves its efficiency every day.