Trying to find the best pop up blocker for Firefox

For almost two decades internet has been an inalienable part of our life. Using the Net we are able to perform a variety of tasks. Exploring different web-pages we are capable of obtaining new knowledge, make friends, learn new skills, and even get a job. We use Internet for entertainment and business. The global network is full of the best possibilities…. And advertisements. Annoying clips and windows which pop up immediately as Firefox or Google Chrome is opened. Persistent offers to download software, earn a million in one click. They get on your nerves and just don’t let you see the information you need! But, if you choose and install the best pop up blocker for Firefox, these ads will stop messing your online life up.

What is the best pop up blocker for Firefox?

Blockers for commercial notifications differ by functionality and options that developers offer to their users. Like any other software they can be paid or free. Some of the best ad blockers provide the user’s computer with additional privacy protection while using the Internet. The blocker can be integrated into the web-navigator, some will require the installation of special utilities on the computer.

This software can differ in how they interact with navigators. The blocker can be designed specially for a certain browser. There are programs for Microsoft Edge or Firefox. Others successfully interact with different web crawlers.

Sure thing, the best pop up blocker for Firefox or any other display program, is the one that removes advertising modules most effectively. In addition, this type of software must have a user-friendly, understandable interface. And of course, it must use a minimum of computer resources. Good blocker also speeds your Firefox or Opera up.

Top 5 best pop up blockers for Firefox

To find the best blocker for popular Mozilla Firefox, let’s revise several widely-distributed anti-advertising products more closely.


An excellent, free software. It successfully fulfills its task. StopAd works on all popular platforms, such as Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. Software supports such famous browsers like Mozilla, Google Chrome or Opera, as well as others much less well-known. This makes StopAd, almost universal.

The best thing about StopAid is that it provides users with full protection from unwanted notifications and in addition, suppresses tracking of private information in social networks and on various sites.

This blocker protects computers against malware, working as a digital shield. It also warns user about possible threats concerning suspicious programs.

Adblock Plus

A quite popular free applet. One of the best known too. It swimmingly integrates into the most widely used web browsers. Whether the user’s choice is Opera, Firefox or Safari Adblock will do for them. Plus it works on Android devices and removes ads in the video on the YouTube.

One of the undoubted advantages of Adblock Plus is that the users are given an opportunity to customize filters for themself and thus support their favorite sites.

Ad Muncher

A free utility that integrates into the context menu of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Ad Muncher prevents the appearance of commercials and banners on opened pages. This utility also blocks the attacks of various adware and spyware. Program provides flexible adjustment of filters with the help of keywords.

Ad Muncher significantly speeds the browser up and does not require extensive resource consumption, which will be useful, for Firefox especially


Not so long ago, the developers of AdFender made the use of this product a paid service. The cost of the license is $ 15.95 per year. For this, in fact, moderate price the software will free your browser of all types of web advertising and block programs that slow down the performance of the computer. AdFender also takes care of digital security by preventing the cookie gathering.

It works for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others most known navigators.

Pop-Up No-No!

A completely free and a very simple blocker. It successfully cuts pop-ups, flash animation and advertising, which is distributed by third-party software. Users can update it for free. It does not require additional settings. Pop-Up No-No! is really good at identifying of electronic junk. It accelerates the work of the web-pages as well.
But this applet works with Mozilla Firefox and others viewing software but only on Windows platform.

So what to wait from the best pop up blocker for Firefox?

In short, if you are looking for the best pop up blocker for Firefox, you should pay your attention to the “multitasking” blockers. The more types of advertising it can identify, the safer it is to surf the net. The perfect blocker not only saves you from advertising, but also takes care of the safety by protecting your personal information.