How to choose the best ad blocker for Youtube?

You have noticed that you see an ad every time you wish to watch a video on Youtube. In most cases, you will get annoyed by anything that comes out on the screen. We’ll tell everyone how to get rid of such commercials on any device that you have. The best ad blocker will let everyone watch the video they want right from its first second.

What’s the best Youtube ad blocker for Android?

There are two ways to watch anything without ads. The first is downloading it and watching it when people are offline. The second is installing an app that will remove the pre roll ads. It means people spend only a few minutes in downloading and installing the app. Then use Youtube app on the Android gadget as usual.

What’s the best Youtube ad blocker for Chrome?

Another way to watch something with no ads is using a favorite browser like Chrome. You can install an application that will cope with any kind of ads that people can see on Youtube. Software developers design their products to work on different platforms like iOS, Android, OS X and Windows. The best app for Chrome will be the one that you can install on every gadget with ease.

ТОР 5 best Youtube ad blocker apps

It’s an application that users install on Android, iOS gadgets to remove pre roll ads and on your PC or Macbook to get rid of all known types of ads.
OS: Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

Simply Block Ads
It’s an extension for Chrome in case users use it for viewing videos. It’s lightweight and it doesn’t offer users any additional features like StopAd.
OS: any, it’s an extension for a browser

AdBlock Fast
It’s a simple app for mobile gadgets. It’s truly lightweight and it can fit you if you have little memory.
OS: Android and iOS

Adguard Content Blocker
This app will work fine with browsers on the phone. If people are used to viewing videos in a browser window, this software can become the best choice for them. It’s free and open source.
OS: Android and iOS

AppBrain Detector
It’s an app for Android gadgets. Developers promise that you won’t see any kinds of advertisements when watching videos.
OS: Android

How to choose the best Youtube ad blocker?

In short, think what devices you use for watching videos.

As you see, StopAd works on all the operating systems, so you will easily get rid of pre roll commercials.

But you can try using any other app that will work on the OS of the gadget.

All the apps from the list are free to use, so choose the one that fits you more and enjoy watching videos.