The best ad blocker for Safari: main purpose and features

The best ad blocker for Safari is developed to provide the users with full ad, privacy and web protection efficiently. You have to compare the main criteria – price, possibility to filter adverts out, comprehensive approach to the protection of the device – to choose the best ad blocker for Safari among the variety of offers.

What is the best ad blocker for Safari?

What is the best ad blocker for Safari? Ideally it is a free universal software that is able to remove all the adverts from your screen, stop online trackers and block malicious software. The best ad blocker for Safari has to be user-friendly and simple.

How to choose the best ad blocker for Safari?

The best advertisement blocker is expected to be able to hide all the kinds of adverts or filter them out according to the user’s preferences.

The following types of advertisement should be never considered acceptable:
– Pop ups;
– Pop unders;
– Interstitial page ads;
– Animated ads;
– Overlay ads;
– Ads with excessive or non user-initiated hover effects;
– Autoplay-sound or video ads;
– Expanding ads;
– Generally oversized image ads;
– Overlay in-video ads;
– Pre-roll video ads;
– Rich media ads.

Web protection provided by the best ad blocker for Safari is achieved by identifying and blocking different kinds of malicious software (spyware, adware, ransomware).
The best advertisement blocker for Safari has to provide the users with one more important option – privacy protection. The app or plugin identifies and deactivates ad, data and social media trackers, preventing getting and sharing personal data.

The best ad blocker for Safari: top 5 offers

The most popular advertisement blockers for Safari are:
– StopAd;
– Ghostery;
– Ad Muncher;
– AdGuard;
– AdBlock Plus.

Let’s find out what are their pros and cons to choose the best ad blocker for Safari.

1. StopAd. The app is pretty simple, its interface is user-friendly and well-designed. The software is free and can be installed on any device and used for various web browsers including Safari. StopAd blocks all the adverts that annoy or distract. No more pop ups, banners, pre-roll video ads, advertisement on YouTube or Facebook, etc. You can use built-in or create your own filters to keep showing the adverts you accept. StopAd is extremely good at protecting your privacy: it identifies and deactivates ad-trackers, social media trackers and data trackers. The app is also effective when dealing with malware and phishing. It works as a shield between you and malicious software. Just try and you will like this all-in-one app.
2. Ghostery. It is a paid advertising blocking extension with free trial version available for Safari. The main purpose of the add-on is protection from the advertisement. Different kinds of advertisement are removed (popups, autoplay audio and video ads, intrusive and non-intrusive advertisement, adverts on social websites etc.). Ghostery is able to stop online trackers, spying on the Internet users and stealing personal data.
3. Ad Muncher. The software is free, but the developers accept donations from the users to support their product. However, they never accept any payments from advertisers to make their adverts acceptable and keep them displaying. Ad Muncher removes different types of adverts like pop ups and rich media advertising (floating, interstitial and video ads). It can also be used to stop tracking and malware.
4. AdGuard. The app has a free trial period. Once it expires you will have to pay $10 to $25 per month to keep using it. AdGuard blocks adverts such as pop ups, banners, auto-starting video and audio ads, advertisement on social networking websites and the like. It deals with malicious software and phishing. The app allows to block websites with adult content to avoid the children visiting them.
5. AdBlock Plus. This is a free extension that allows you to block all ads or keep showing ‘acceptable ads’. The owners of AdBlock Plus take some payments from advertisers to allow displaying their advertisements. But, sure thing, those adverts has to be of a high quality. The add-on disables tracking, malware domains and social media buttons.

Which product is the best ad blocker for Safari?

We have compared the top 5 advertisement blockers for Safari. Our aim is to find out which one among them is the most comprehensive, efficient and suitable to use.

StopAd is the universal free app that is able to remove all the unnecessary adverts blinking on your screen and bothering you. The software can also deactivate different types of online trackers (ad, data, social media trackers), malware and phishing. It can be easily installed on any device and used for various web browsers. If you are looking for the best ad blocker for Safari, feel free to choose StopAd as the most efficient, comprehensive and user-friendly option.