The best ad blocker for Mac Chrome

A short review of the best three ad blockers that will remove advertisements when surfing online with Chrome.

How do we pick up ad blockers for Chrome, Mac?

Chrome is a lightweight browser that allows you to have a high page speed load and no problems with viewing different types of content. Tons of ads may spoil this process and drive any user mad. Ad blockers promise you to stop and block all banners, pop ups and other types of advertisements. But how can you choose the best one?
We’ve checked a few dozens of the most popular apps for OS X and we’ll give you short reviews of the three best variants for you below.

What’s the best ad blocker for Chrome Mac?


This app is lightweight. You can install it on any operating system on any device where you use Chrome. You will get a fun icon of a blue ghost informing you about how many ads it has stopped. It’s free, but you get a pack of features besides standard ad blocking such as anti tracking and protection from malware.


This is a standalone application that will block pop ups, banners, text and video ads. It’s regularly updated by developers. You can install it on Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and PC. You can see how many ads it has blocked and configure the white lists if you wish.

Adblocker Ultimate

It’s an ad blocker for Chrome that you can start using on any device. It doesn’t have regular updates, so you will see some types of ads that appeared less than a year ago. You can configure a whitelist and enjoy surfing.

Choosing the ad blocker for Chrome Mac

A standalone application is the best choice as it gives you much more opportunities to see no ads at all. And we have StopAd on the list. The first advantage of an app is blocking ads if you use virtual private networks or private sessions in Chrome. Another advantage is blocking ads in other apps like Skype and others.