Why is it necessary to choose the best ad blocker for Firefox?

The best ad blocker for Firefox helps you to get rid on annoying ads. Furthermore, it can also secure your privacy and provide web protection.

How to decide on the best ad blocker for Firefox?

The best ad blocker for Firefox is an app or a plugin that is able to provide the full ad protection by stopping online advertisement when you are using Firefox.

The following kinds of advertisements will be removed:
– Flashing and floating banners;
– Overlay ads;
– Auto-starting video and audio adverts;
– Popups and popunders;
– Advertisement on social web sites etc.

The best ad blocker for Firefox is expected to provide more services than just simple advertising blocking. The Internet users’ privacy protection is currently an important issue. Some websites (including social media websites) gather and provide the personal information to those who need it. To avoid this you can install comprehensive ad blocker that will be able to identify and deactivate data, social media and ad trackers.

One more useful option the best ad blocker for Firefox offers is efficient web protection: the app (plugin) detects and stops malware, threats, phishing, ransomware, spyware.
There are paid and free apps and browser extensions. You can choose the most suitable one according to your preferences, needs and financial opportunities.

Choosing the best ad blocker for Firefox: top 10 offers list

You can choose the best ad blocker for Firefox among these 10 offers. There are paid and free apps and add-ons. Most of them are comprehensive and provide useful additional services. So let’s decide on the best ad blocker for Firefox.

1. StopAd. This is a free advertising blocking software for Firefox (the app supports up to 30 more web browsers and is applicable for different kinds of devices and operating systems). StopAd removes all the types of annoying and unnecessary adverts (popups, popunders, banners, auto-starting video and audio adverts, overlay ads, animated ads, interstitial page ads, pre-roll video advertisements, adverts with non user-initiated or excessive hover effects etc.). Worth noting, you can filter the websites with acceptable advertisements out and mark them as acceptable in the settings. StopAd is very good at privacy protection and has its own innovative approach: it identifies and blocks all the kinds of online trackers (data trackers, social media trackers, ad trackers) to ensure the users’ personal data is safe. As StopAd is a unique universal software it acts as a shield between the device and malicious software. It has a built-in anti-phishing tool that detects dangerous websites and takes the users away from threats. So the app can be used to provide the strong web protection.

2. Ad Muncher. The app is free (it was paid in the past), but the owners-developers still accept donations ($5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 monthly). The software removes advertisement in Firefox efficiently (popups, floating banners, video adverts, interstitial advertisements etc.). Ad Muncher deactivates tracking systems, stops malware, ransomware, spyware, adware, dialer installers. The app is comprehensive enough to be used with several significant purposes like ad protection, privacy protection and web protection.

3. AdFender. This app has a free trial period of 14 days. After this period expires it will become inactive until you activate the license (you will have to purchase an activation code, free version is no longer available). Well, what is AdFender for? It is able to block all and any adverts in different web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox. The websites on which you do not want to block advertisement can be whitelisted manually. The app is also able to block online trackers.

4. AdGuard. One more paid ad blocking that has a free trial version. After the trial period is over it will cost $10 to $25 per month to keep using it. The software removes the different types of advertisements (popups, banners, autoplay adverts and so on). You can filter out the websites you would like to block for children. The app is able to identify and block online trackers to secure the user’s privacy. AdGuard doesn’t allow to visit websites that contain malware and phishing.

5. AdBlock Plus. This is a free ad blocking extension for several different web browsers including Firefox. To keep the add-on free, the developers decided to accept payments from the advertisers who want their advertisements of a high quality be shown as ‘acceptable ads’. To hide the advertisement completely the user can disable this option. The following kinds of advertisements can never be shown: animated advertisements, advertisements with excessive or non user-initiated hover effects, interstitial page ads, autoplay-sound or video adverts, expanding ads, pop ups, rich media adverts. These types of adverts are annoying and intrusive. AdBlock Plus deactivates tracking and malware.

6. Ad Block (for Firefox). This extension is not completely free as it asks the users or donations. The add-on removes different kinds of advertisements (overlay adverts, auto-starting video and audio ads, banners, pop ups, pop unders etc.). You can add the websites with advertisement you do not want to block to the whitelists. You can also allow non-intrusive advertisement.

7. uBlock Origin. The ad blocking extension is available for Mozilla Firefox. It is free, but you can voluntarily give some amounts of money by pressing ‘Donate’ button on the add-on’s interface. uBlock Origin is fast, light-weight and memory efficient. The add-on removes various types of adverts (flashing and floating banners, pop ups, overlay adverts, advertisement on YouTube and Facebook and so on). The extension provides the users with the efficient privacy protection (it stops online trackers).

8. Ghostery. The extension is paid but it has a free trial period. Ghostery is able to remove advertisement of any kinds (intrusive, non-intrusive advertisement, overlay and background ads, adverts on YouTube and Facebook, autoplay video and audio ads etc.). The add-on provides the users with privacy protection. It stops online trackers that are gathering personal data.

9. AdBlocker Ultimate. This extension for Mozilla Firefox is completely free. It removes all the ads, no exceptions. All the banners, background ads, intrusive and non-intrusive adverts, auto-starting audio and video advertisements and the like. And there is no whitelisting option. The owners of the product do not accept any payments from the advertisers to allow their adverts. AdBlocker Ultimate secures the users’ privacy by blocking trackers.

10. Bluhell Firewall. This is a free lightweight extension for Mozilla Firefox (the download is 30 KB only, average download for ordinary advertisement blocker is around 700 KB). Bluhell Firewall stop all kinds of advertisement (popups, overlay ads, pre-roll video ads, advertisement on social websites etc.). It is good at privacy protection, too. The add-on deactivates online trackers.

The best ad blocker for Firefox: choosing the most appropriate offer

Well, you have learned about the best ad blockers for Firefox and their basic and additional options.The best ad blocker for Firefox is expected to be free, comprehensive and the most effective.The best ad blocker for Firefox can be created as a universal app or as a light-weight add-on. Objectively, all the features of the best ad blocker for Firefox are characteristics of the StopAd. This is the most universal and the best ad blocker. The software helps the users to remove unnecessary advertisement (popups, banners, per-roll video ads, advertisements on YouTube, Facebook etc.).

StopAd identifies and stops data, ad and social media trackers, providing the users with strong privacy protection. The app efficiently blocks malware and phishing with the help of built-in tools, so you can be sure it provides you with the high level of web protection and secures you in the best way.