Identify Programs Better than Adblock

Ad blocker is a unique program offering users an opportunity to avoid disturbing information in Internet. For many years most individuals preferred Adblock Plus to many other programs due to regular updates followed by great functionality. Recently various innovative advertisement stoppers developed, proposing their users additional functions and outstanding possibilities.

Verify what’s better than Adblock

Below perspective user can investigate the programs list being identified as alternative to Adblock Plus.
Main reasons for these applications appear in upcoming range:

  • Functionality
  • Additional features better compared to Adblock
  • Updates
  • Innovations

The popular program featured forums and experts’ opinion supported by technological releases supported formation of the rating.

Investigate programs better than Adblock Plus

StopAd – user-friendly program, proposing easy formation of whitelists upon personal preferences. It has 24/7 support accompanied by regular updates what’s better than Adblock Plus.

Wipr –great ad stopper preferred by individualists, choosing minimalism and simplicity. It has regular
updates, but lack of updates can be mentioned as crucial drawback of this program.

AdGuard – what’s differ it from Adblock Plus is speed. Such program adds content restricting function within the individual browser. It provides unique filters upon personal preferences.

Ghostery – is marked by outstanding reputation supported by many Internet surfers. It overcomes many
trackers being not caught by Adblock Plus. Individual understands that his surfing is protected from

uBlock Origin – perfect program for those who do not want to use much memory on individual devices. It is compact plus user-friendly. This ad blocker works stable, as well as very fast.

Answer for yourself is uBlock Origin better than Adblock

What’s differentiating uBlock Origin from Adblock Plus is its lightweight and speed. It limits various unwanted content and occupies limited place at user’s device, making his surfing fast and secure.

Choose better ad blocker than Adblock Plus

Currently people look for programs guaranteeing their privacy for long-term period. What’s differentiating StopAd from various ad block software making it highly recommended by many people? StopAd program is simple, fast and regularly updated. It provides person with ability to make his own whitelists for webpages.

What’s added to its popularity is individual’s ability to partially block the undesirable content at any
webpage. This program is outstanding for people placing privacy at top of per work in Internet and requiring ongoing 24/7 support from StopAd team.