Choose the Best Pop up Blocker for Chrome in 2018

Pop up advertisements is the most annoying content you can find in the Internet and users demand the best pop up blocker for Chrome to avoid these annoying announcements.

What is the best pop up blocker for Chrome?

Advertisement blockers are programs allowing users to get rid of the ads searching on their preferred websites. They also help users to get data transfer speed and achieve full browsing. People tried to overcome the online advertisement since the development of the Internet. Currently this battle reached the genuine level.

Fortunately advertisement stoppages do exist and many individuals find them the best solution to get ad free searching on any kind of device. As such, the choice of the best blocker, which fits user requirements, becomes a significant problem. This article covers the best pop up blockers for Chrome being the most popular web browser. Look carefully across the presented solutions and make your choice.

Pay attention to presented characteristics of the pop up blocker:

• Applicability for desktops, tablets, mobile phones
• Availability of its versions for Mac, IOS, Android, Windows
• Types of advertisement being blocked in the application.
• Offering of additional services including web privacy and protection

When choosing the best pop up stoppage, check that it meets all your requirements and is easy to use.

Choosing the best pop up blocker for Google Chrome

Investigation of pop up blockers and choice of the best alternative is not an easy task. It requires time and efforts. People look for free software that has full protection and is rather comprehensive. In this context it is crucial to look through all available options and choose the perfect blocker for your tasks.

Let’s discuss several most popular advertisement blockers:

1. StopAd – it is the comprehensive free application that works for all types of devices – MAC, IOS, Windows, Android. This advertising blocking application supports all known browsers including such popular ones as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, as well as less popular Maxthon Nitro. Probably its best features include the possibility of filtering the websites according to user’s preferences and full web protection.
2. uBlock – comprehensive free application for Google, Firefox, Safari. The software is used for all types of advertisements including pop ups, background, audio. It can be used at any type of device, is user-friendly and efficient. It requires less memory resources than some other applications.
3. AdBlocker – it is simple application with several options. It allows creating the list of allowed pop ups, the whitelists, applying filters in specific browsers. Its filtering system is not perfect, but when you decide to start with simple free blocker it might be a good choice.
4. Adguard AdBlocker – software for Chrome, Mozilla, Yandex, Opera and others. It is one of the most effective blockers against pop ups, video advertisement. It is especially effective for application on Facebook, YouTube. Consumes less memory than other popular solutions such as uBlock. It is fast and intuitive program.
5. AdFender – blocks annoying advertisements on all platforms and on all kinds of devices. Its advantages include blocking of video ads even on YouTube and ability to customize the individual settings. The extension has a trial for the limited period of time and requires the renewal of license every year. You have to pay to get all its advantages. It is applicable only for Windows platform.
6. Simply Block Ads – user-friendly software that blocks text advertisements, videos, pop ups. You should not pay to use it. It has some comprehensive feature such as whitelists and cookie management to delete unrequired cookies. It is not easy to install its extension. It has some incompetent blocking.
7. Ad Muncher – application allowing to block annoying announcements. It can be downloaded for free in all popular browsers, including Opera, Firefox, Chrome. AdMucher can stop many advertisements in Skype, slideshows without user intervention. It requires the purchase of license, which is still transferable to other devices.

Making the final decision on best pop up blocker for Chrome

Deciding on the perfect ad blocker for your browser, make sure to check whether it is free or paid. You have to verify whether it is used on different platforms and on any kind of device. It is also important to investigate the availability of additional features like web protection and privacy. You should also check for user-friendly interface and easy application of the software.

For instance, Stop Ads is the best choice of an ad block. It is comprehensive, has both basic and additional options. It protects you from all types of annoying advertisement and has an efficient web protection.

Its additional advantage includes filtering system according to your preference; is suitable for every user. It also has 24/7 assistance through the live chat to answer all the possible user’s questions immediately. Currently it is the best choice among the advertisement blockers offered for Chrome.