Best ad blocker for Chrome: what criteria the objective opinion will be based on?

Our aim is to analyze the top 15 ad blockers for Chrome and decide on the best one. The main criteria are cost, possibility to use on different devices and operating systems, browsers supported, additional options. The best ad blocker for Chrome must be comprehensive and usable.

Best ad blocker for Chrome: main features and options

Best ad blocker for Chrome has to be universal and offer the user as many opportunities as possible. It is more likely to choose free software. Paid apps are good options, too, but often their quality and services offered do not differ from the quality and complex approach of free ones.
What is the ad blocker created for?

First and the main reason you need it is that the best ad blocker (software or plugin) will remove annoying unnecessary adverts from the screen of the device you are using and you will be free from distracting ads. The best ad blockers are able to identify and hide all the types of Internet advertisement:
– Popups and popunders;
– Overlay and background adverts;
– Auto-starting video and audio adverts;
– Flashing and floating banners;
– Advertisement on YouTube, Facebook and other social websites and so on.

Next important option of some modern ad blockers is never-failing privacy protection. Just imagine, plenty of ad trackers, social media trackers, data tracker from different web sites and other sources are spying on you and gathering your personal data. It is strongly recommended to take care of the privacy of your personal information with the help of the best ad blocker for Chrome.

One more useful thing is that some ad blockers can also ensure strong web protection. They identify and deactivate malware, ransomware, spyware and phishing. So if you install the best ad blocker for Chrome, dangerous sites will be detected and you will be saved from the threats.

How to choose the best ad blocker for Chrome?

We would be glad to help you to choose the best ad blocker for Chrome. We have created a list of the top 15 ad blockers for Chrome and compared them according to the most important criteria. We have found out if they are free or paid, if they can be used for different browsers or for the specific one, if there are any additional options. All the most important info is given below in the article. We care about you being served the best way. It will be pretty simple to decide on the best offer that meets all your requirement and provides you with service of the highest quality.

The best ad blocker for Chrome: top 15 offers

Let’s see what the top 15 ad blockers for Chrome are and find out which one is the best.

1. StopAd. This is a universal free ad blocking app, that will set you completely free from Internet advertisement (popups, popunders, flashing and floating banners, overlay adverts, adverts on YouTube or Facebook, auto-starting audio and video ads etc.). It is applicable for up to 30 web browsers including Google Chrome. StopAd blocks adverts and threats by intercepting ad requests sent to blacklisted URLs. It also scans CSS code on each page and uses algorithms to remove all the advertising elements. StopAd analyzes HTML code to filter out ad images and links before they get to the browser you are using. Furthermore, the app is able to secure your device from the threats like malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing. If you install StopAd, be sure your privacy will be protected properly. The software prohibits the ad trackers to trace your browsing behavior. It blocks the advertisers’ access to your data on your social media networks, stops social media trackers efficiently. StopAd also blocks data trackers, preventing web analytics companies gathering and selling your personal information. It makes sense to download this app for free and use it with Chrome to keep your device protected from ads, threats and malicious software.

2. AdGuard. This app has a free trial version, but actually it is paid ($10 to $25 per month). AdGuard is able to block various types of adverts on the websites (pop ups, banners, advertisements on social networking websites) and can be used with Chrome on different devices. The app is able to secure the user’s personal data by stopping activity analyzers and online trackers. AdGuard identifies and deactivates malicious software and phishing. It allows you to filter out the websites with adult content to make sure they will be blocked when children will try to access any of them.
So the app offers several options: blocks the advertisements of the Internet, protects privacy, secures browsing and provides parental control of the content. If you are ready to pay, you can use it on the regular basis.

3. Ghostery. This is the ad blocking extension developed for several web browsers including Google Chrome. The add-on deals with different kinds of adverts (popups, popunders, banners, overlay adverts, etc.). The interface of the plugin has a button that allows advertising on the web sites you trust. It can be used on desktops, Android and iOS devices. Ghostery also protects the users from tracking (it prohibits the different kinds of trackers to spy on you and gather your personal data). The extension has a free trial period, but the add-on is paid. If it is not a problem for you, Ghostery will provide you with basic and additional options.

4. AdBlock. This is a good ad blocking extension applicable for Google Chrome and a couple of other web browsers. Using this plugin you will get rid of annoying adverts on YouTube, Facebook, and other social sites. No more banners, pop ups, warning windows about using ad blockers, auto-starting video and audio adverts on your screen. It is possible to add the websites with the advertisements you accept to whitelists. In this case the add-on will show full content and all the adverts on the web sites mentioned. One more option is available: you can allow non-intrusive advertisement only. AdBlock is considered to be a free extension. But it shows the users notifications asking for donations.

5. uBlock Origin. This is an ad blocking extension for Chrome. The product is positioned as completely free. But there is a ‘Donate’ button on its interface. You can support the developers and contribute some money by pressing it. All the kinds of advertising on the web can be blocked with this add-on (popups, popunders, background advertising, adverts on social web sites etc.). uBlock Origin protects the users from tracking. The extension is light-weight, fast and memory-efficient. But plugins cannot be installed on any kind of device and used for any browser. You have to download a specific version for each particular case.

6. StopAll Ads. This is one more free extension (currently the versions for Chrome, Mozilla and Opera are available). The add-on removes many types of adverts efficiently: popups, popunders, flash ads, fly-ins, rich media, slide-ins, video ads, messenger ads, adverts on social media channels and so on. StopAll Ads identifies and deactivates unwanted tracking and hidden malware. The interface has the ‘Acceptable Ads’ button, which allows relevant adverts in accordance with your preferences.

7. AdBlock Plus. One of the popular extensions for Chrome, AdBlock Plus, has its own original approach to advertisement blocking. There’s an ‘Acceptable Ads’ option. Acceptable advertisements are whitelisted per user-generated criteria. Also, advertisers whose ads are shown donate money to the extension’s owners that helps to keep it free for users. It is possible to block all the advertisements if you need. The following kinds of adverts can never be accepted: auto-play sound or video ads, overlay ads, pop ups, interstitial page ads, animated ads, expanding adverts and the like. So if you are OK with such a loyal policy, you can choose and use this extension. Worth noting, AdBlock Plus blocks malware and tracking.

8. Ad Muncher. Ad Muncher is an app. This ad blocker was paid in the past ($29.95 and $19.95 per year). The developers have decided to make it free. They still accept donations ($5.00, $10.00 or $20.00 per month) if anybody wants help the owners voluntarily. The app blocks all the adverts efficiently and never accepts payments from advertisers who want their ads to remain on the web pages. Ad Muncher removes rich media advertising (interstitial, video and floating ads) and blocks pop ups in Chrome. The software deactivates spyware, malware, adware dialer installers. It also stops the tracking systems. Generally this is a good ad blocker.

9. Disconnect. Disconnect has a free version (protection for a single browser, for example Google Chrome), pro version ($24.99 one-time fee) and premium version ($50.00 per year). The interesting fact is that if you want the add-ons for more browsers or devices you have to pay. It is a good option for those who is tired of advertising on the Internet and wants to remove all the flashing banners, auto-starting video and audio ads, pop ups and pop unders and so on. The extension also stops tracking (including social media trackers) and malicious software.

10. HTTPS Everywhere. The add-on is available for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera. It blocks all the advertisements entirely: pop ups, pop unders, floating and flashing banners, overlay ads, overlay in-video ads, pre-roll video adverts, expanding ads, interstitial adverts, animated adverts, animated ads. The extension is also able to identify and block malware, ransomware, spyware, various trackers to ensure you privacy and web protection. HTTPS Everywhere is a pretty useful and handy plugin.

11. Privacy Badger. This extension is available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Privacy Badger is free. It stops advertisement and tracking in the specific way: the add-on disallows visible and invisible ‘third party’ scripts or images that may spy on you even though you deny tracking. Most of the unwanted adverts will be removed (pop ups, pop unders, banners, overlay advert, auto-starting video and audio ads). But Privacy Badger is primarily a privacy protecting tool, not a traditional ad blocker. So it cares about you privacy and safety mainly. And it makes sense to use it in complex with another ad blocker.

12. AdBlocker Ultimate. This is a free extension for Google Chrome. It removes all the adverts completely: YouTube commercials, pop ups, pop unders, flashing and floating banners, overlay ads, etc. The important thing is AdBlocker Ultimate doesn’t propose any whitelists with acceptable adverts. It cleans the web pages from adware and leaves the useful content, no exceptions. The developers do not accept any sponsorship from advertisers to bypass adverts. The extension provides the users with the strong privacy protection. So if you do not want to see any kinds of advertisement, you can feel free to install AdBlocker Ultimate.

13. Fair AdBlocker. This free extension for Chrome allows you to block different kinds of advert: annoying pop ups and pop unders, autoplay audio or video ads, irritating flashing and floating banners, advertisement on YouTube or Facebook and so on. The add-on also cares about your web protection (it stops malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing). It is a good and simple ad blocker, nothing special.

14. Poper Blocker. Poper Blocker is a free extension for Chrome (there are no more version for any other browser). The add-on removes pop ups, pop unders and overlay ads. You will see notifications about adverts blocked on your screen when using it. You can filter advert out with Poper Blocker.

15. Simply Block Ads. This is a free extension for Chrome. It blocks pop ups, YouTube pre-video ads, text ads, whole-site adverts, in-site adverts, background adverts. Some customers noticed the plugin does not remove all the adverts. The add-on has a simple and usable interface. Customer support is not well-developed. There is no live chat or direct email. You can only fill out the text box with your problem, provide your email address and wait for the answer. It is a simple ad blocker with nothing extra.

What is the best ad blocker for Chrome?

Which ad blocker for Chrome do you think is the best one? Which one provides the users with basic (ad protection) and additional (web protection, privacy protection) options? Which is completely free and can be used for different kinds of devices?

We have analyzed and compared the top 15 ad blockers available to download. Some of them are strictly ad blockers, some offer more options. Some ad blockers are apps, others are extensions. Some of them are free. Many ad blockers require payments (monthly or per year).

Objectevely speaking, StopAd is the best ad blocker for Chrome as it meets all the requirements, blocks adverts efficiently, secures privacy and ensures web protection. StopAd is the user-friendly comprehensive software with multiple options and services offered and it is totally free.