Best Ad Blocker for Chrome for Android: ComplexDecision

Note that the best ad blocker for Chrome for Android not only stops ads but also protects the device from malware and tracking. If you choose and download the best ad blocker for Chromefor Android, you don’t have to keep lots of different apps for different reason each. The best ad blocker for Chrome for Android will be your complex decision.

The best ad blocker for Chrome for Android: how-to-choose tips

It is easy to choose the best ad blocker for Chrome.

First, decide on the most important features:
1. Is my perfect ad blocker free or paid?
2. Does it remove browsing advertising, in-app advertising or different types?
3. Does it have any additional options like privacy and web protection?

Next, look through the most popular advertisement blockers, compare them and decide which one is the most appropriate personally for you.

The best ad blocker for Chrome for Android: top 7 offers

We have made the overview of some of the most popular advertisement blockers for Chrome for Android. Let’s see which product is the best ad blocker for Chrome for Android.
1. StopAd. This app is absolutely free and can be installed on any device (Android devices like mobile phones and tablets and any others). It is simple, usable and at the same time comprehensive. StopAd is extremely good at advertisement blocking (no more pop ups, banners, auto-starting video and audio adverts, advertising on YouTube and Facebook etc.). You can use various filters to remove adverts selectively. The app is able to identify and deactivate tracking, malware and phishing, providing you with strong privacy and web protection. StopAd is easy to install, universal and very efficient.
2. BlockThis. This is a free open source software that stops in-app and browsing advertising like pop ups, flashing and floating banners, video and audio adverts. BlockThis is also able to secure your device with its antivirus features (the app blocks malware and tracking cookies). The software helps the users to bypass the Internet provider’s censorship. BlockThis can be installed on Android devices only.
3. AdAway. This advertising blocking app is positioned like free, but you can donate money if you wish. It is available for mobile devices and requires ROOT access. AdAway is not very easy to use: it is necessary to have a knowledge base to use it properly. It can be downloaded from F-Droid (no option in Google Play).
4. Google Chrome Browser. If you install Chrome Canary or Chrome Dev versions of Google Chrome browser for mobile devices, you will be able to use them for advertisement blocking purposes. Just go to settings and adjust, pretty simple procedure. The app blocks intrusive advertisement only (overlay and background adverts, pop ups, deceptive advertising, auto-starting audio and video ads). A new option will be developed soon: the users will be able to block all advertisements for some kind of payments. The Chrome ad blocker work on Android devices and blocks browsing advertising only.
5. TrustGo Ad Detector. The app can be installed on Android devices only. It is pretty easy to use for less experienced. The software removes the adverts for free. TrustGo Ad Detector protects the users’ privacy in the specific way: it analyzes the apps on your device and determines the ones that put your privacy at risk. You can look through these reports and uninstall the software that may harm or steal your personal data or privacy.
6. AppBrain Ad Detector. The app is free and available for Android devices only. AppBrain Ad Detector identifies and marks with icons more than 70 aspects of apps including adverts (like ads and non-ads push notifications, social SDKs and adverts on social websites and so on). The software recognizes adware, spyware and apps with privacy concerns, allowing the user to delete them.
7. Malwarebytes. The app helps to avoid your device being attacked by malware, adware, spyware.
It has free and paid versions and can be used on Android devices. Malwarebytes works mostly like antivirus and privacy protector. But adverts are removed also.

The best ad blocker for Chrome for Android: choosing best of the best

The best ad blocker for Chrome for Android is a free comprehensive app that is able to identify and block in-app and browsing advertising. Additional options such as web protection and privacy protection are important, too.

We recommend using universal but simple free apps, for example, StopAd. It can be applied on any device to remove all kinds of adverts in any of 28 browsers. StopAd is usable and efficient. It will help you to get rid of unwanted content, malware, tracking and phishing.