My name is Michael and I was born and live in the USA. Since my childhood I protected my borders like
many Americans.

I always had an individual world, my own thoughts, my own beliefs and my own items. For
me the freedom is not just a word, it is my reality, which I protected all my life. I think that individual privacy is one of the most important things and it has to be secured.

I created this blog to help people achieve security in their tours around virtual world and to feel safe. They seek for protection from annoying advertisements, from disturbing pop-ups and various undesirable. contents. I teach them how to make browsing experience the real fest and avoid advertisements.

In my opinion ad blockers are one of the greatest applications being introduced for Internet users. They
guarantee the individual privacy and keep your personal borders. In this blog you will learn what the ad
blocker is, its functions and various types of ad blockers available in the Web. Following my recommendations you will choose the program being perfect for your goals and budget. If security and
privacy are as important for you as for me do not hesitate to follow us.