Why is it important to decide on the best ad blocker?

Best ad blocker can be used on any kind of device like desktop, tablet or mobile phone. There are plenty of free or paid offers. Some of them are comprehensive, others are narrow-focused. Let’s consider top 5 offers and choose the most usable one.

What is the best ad blocker?

The best ad blocker helps the user to get rid of the annoying ads of different types on any kinds of devices. If the app is applicable for desktops, mobile phones and tablets, has the versions for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android, can be used for various web browsers (more popular like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and less common like Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon, UC Browser etc.), it is considered to be a really good and comprehensive app.
Pay attention to what kinds of advertisements can be blocked by one or another advertising blocking software or add-on.

Ideally, the app identifies and removes all the kinds of Internet advertisement like:

  • Flashing banners and floating banners;
  • Overlay advertisements;
  • Pop ups and pop unders;
  • Interstitial ads;
  • Auto-starting video and audio adverts;
  • Social media buttons and advertising on YouTube, Facebook etc.

Some of the good ad blockers offer the users such additional services as web protection and privacy protection. As you know, while browsing the Internet you may suffer from malicious software or be tracked. So phishing, malware, spyware and ransomware should be blocked as well as data trackers, social media trackers, ad trackers, invasive tracking.
When choosing the best ad blocker make sure it is comprehensive and meets all your requirements.

How to choose the best ad blocker?

We need to look at the most common ad blockers and compare the offers considering all the important and desirable options. The advertisement blocker can be free or paid. More likely, the majority of users would prefer free software. One more important detail is that some ad blockers are separate programs and some are add-ons for specific browsers. We advise you to choose software that is applicable for different web browsers and devices. And finally it’s advisable to check if the advertisement blocker provides the user not only with full ad protection but also with additional services like web protection and privacy protection.

The best ad blocker: top 5 offers

Let’s compare the most popular apps to choose the best ad blocker.

  1.  StopAd. It is a good free comprehensive advertising blocking app. StopAd is available for the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It can be installed on the desktop, mobile phone or tablet. The software support any of 28 browsers listed on the official website (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Pale Moon, UC Browser, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon Nitro, Telekom Browser and others).
    It is easy to get rid of all the types of annoying ads with StopAd (banners, pop ups, pop unders, auto-starting video and audio adverts, advertisement on YouTube and Facebook etc.). The important thing is it is possible to filter out the websites and kinds of adverts according to your preferences.
    StopAd protects the users with full web protection. It acts as a shield between the device and malicious website (the app monitors the lists of malicious websites automatically and filters them out, saving you from getting a virus).
    The built-in anti-phishing tool protects the user form stealing of personal data. Ad trackers, social media trackers and data trackers are blocked also. The privacy is secured these ways.
  2. Ghostery. It’s an extension available for different browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Opera and others) and devices (can be used on desktops as well as on Android and iOS devices).
    You can have many types of adverts (pop ups, pop unders, video and audio ads, banners etc.) and trackers (hidden gathering of your personal data) blocked with this plugin. You can press the button on the interface to stop blocking the advertisement and tracking on the web sites you trust.
    Ghostery is paid but it has a free trial period.
  3. AdBlock extension is not completely free as it asks for donations (it’s not necessary to pay, it’s up to you). You can use it for Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Usually adverts on the web, Facebook, YouTube and the warning windows that you are using the ad blocker are hidden.
    The different kinds of adverts can be whitelisted (advertisement you accept will be shown). It is also possible to allow acceptable (or non-intrusive) ads if you are not against this kind of content being shown on your screen.
  4. AdGuard has a free trial version but it will cost $10 to $25 per month if you choose to use it on the regular basis. AgGuard provides the users with the following services: ad blocking, browsing security, privacy protection, parental control. The app deals with different types of advertisement like pop unders, pop ups, flashing and floating banners, intrusive and non-intrusive advertisement etc. AdGuard protects the user’s personal data from online trackers and activity analyzers.
    The software secures you from malware and phishing efficiently.
    One more useful option is possibility to block the web sites with adult content to avoid the children getting familiar with that kind of information.
  5. uBlock Origin. The app is free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But you can press on the ‘Donate’ button and support the developers.
    The plugin blocks all the kinds of adverts on the web: pop ups, overlay advertisement, background advertising, auto-starting video and audio ads and else. With uBlock Origin you will get rid of sneaky tracking and overhead. The main add-on is fast, memory-efficient and lightweight.
    Due to the fact uBlock Origin is an extension it cannot be used on any kind of device, operating system or web browser.

Deciding on the best ad blocker

When looking for the best ad blocker please note ad blocker can be free or paid, it can be applicable for one browser (plugin) or for different browsers (apps). Some advertisement blockers provide the users with ad protection only. Some offer additional services like browsing security, privacy protection and parental control. If the interface is user friendly and simple it will be pretty easy to use basic and additional options without overburdening information on your screen.

Well, as you see, the best ad blocker is ideally absolutely free software that can be installed on any kind of device (desktop, tablet, mobile phone), used for any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon etc.) on any operating system (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android). The best ad blocker has to be comprehensive and provide the users with basic and additional options.

For example, StopAd is a free app that is applicable for various devices and browsers, identifies all the kinds of advertisement, secures privacy and ensures efficient web protection. You can browse the Internet free from annoying pop ups, pop unders, banners, auto-starting video and audio ads and others. Various kinds of adverts and web sites can be filtered due to your preferences. Any attempts to get your personal data with ad trackers, online trackers or social media trackers will be prevented. No phishing, malware, spyware and ransomware allowed. StopAd is the most universal, usable and suitable option for every Internet user. Currently the app is considered to be the best ad blocker offered.